About EDM Construction

E.D.M. Construction, Inc. is a D.B.E. and W.B.E. certified company. We have been serving the construction industry since 1999. We specialize in bridge repair, steel erection, precast erection, precast tensioning, studs/decking and misc. metals. We serve the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont. We are also proud members of the AISC and ASM!

EDM Construction, Inc was founded in 1999, having shared office space in South Boston, MA, the journey began.  EDMs’ strong foundation of contracting experience at the start up, the company immediately began to secure clientele. Our primary focus was on structural steel in the bridge market. We very quickly out grew our shared office space and needed more.

In 2006 we broke ground on our new office building located at 125 East Main Street, Merrimac, MA.  This location is just minutes from three major highways; we have both our shop and office in the same building.

We have a staffed shop that provides maintance and up keep of our equipment. Our shop is maintained by and experienced ironworker, having the knowledge in of the field provides the best support of our operations.

In 2010, while times were tough we expanded our services to include shear studs installation.   Our warehouse space allows us to stock many size of Sheer connectors so that we are ready for any of our clients’ needs.

We are proud to announce that as of February 2014, EDM is now DCAM Certified to perform Miscellaneous Metals.  We are fully confident that EDM will provide the level of service in this new area as we have provided in the past.